The Province of Europe

The Oratory
The Oratory of the Good Shepherd was founded in Cambridge in 1913 but, since then, it has spread to many other parts of the world. The brethren are grouped into ‘colleges’, who report to one another on their observance of the Rule and meet together for prayer and fellowship. These Colleges are then grouped into Provinces, who meet annually for retreat and chapter. Every three years, all the brethren of the Oratory meet together in General Chapter, presided over by the Superior.

The Province of Europe
The Province of Europe currently consists of two colleges:

  • The Midlands & Cambridge College,
  • and the Elwy College.

The current brethren are grouped roughly by geography – although, not always in the most obvious way!

Fr Nicholas Gandy OGS is our Father Provincial. He is responsible for maintaining the unity and discipline of the Province and he represents the Oratory in our regional external affairs. Fr Nicholas’ contact details can be found here.

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