Who are OGS?

The aim of the Oratory is the adoration of God in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, and
the imitation of his most holy life. Its fellowship and discipline are intended to encourage and direct its members in achieving this aim

Taken from the Introduction to the Notes

A brother of the Oratory undertakes to follow the example of Jesus the Good Shepherd and to live a life of prayer, discipline and mutual love.

Members of the Oratory are bound together by a common Rule and discipline, strengthened by prayer and fellowship; they do not normally live together in community but meet regularly in Chapter and Retreat and report to one another monthly by email. The spirit of Oratory life is expressed in the Seven Notes, which call the brethren to fellowship, stewardship of gifts and possessions, love, labour of the mind and to a life of joy and thanksgiving.

The Rule of the Oratory requires celibacy, a regular account of spending and direction of life.  The Rule commits the brethren to: praying for one another by name each day; daily Eucharist, where possible; Morning and Evening Prayer and an hour of prayer.

In addition, “Labour of the Mind” is a characteristic of the Oratory and members are expected to spend time in study – although this takes a variety of forms for different brethren.

The Oratory encourages its members in their individual ministries and has among its members – bishops, parish priests, lecturers, missionaries, a cathedral verger, and many others. There is a brief history of the Oratory on this website, here.

General Chapter (Retreat to Little Gidding).jpg
Some professed brethren at prayer at General Chapter 2013, during a pilgrimage to Little Gidding