Fr Steve Sheridan’s Lockdown Pilgrimage

CaminoOne of our Companions, Fr Steve Sheridan, Vicar of St Thomas of Canterbury, Chester, is making a 480 mile ‘Virtual’ Pilgrimage along the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella using a virtual route-tracking app.

He is doing this to raise money for CLIC Sargent, who provide practical, emotional and financial support to the families of children and young people with cancer through teams of dedicated care and social workers, and 20% will support other local charities negatively impacted by Coronavirus. He was inspired to do this having recently ministered to three families who have been affected by childhood cancer. In an interview for the Chester Standard, Fr Steve said:

Fr Steve
Fr Steve Sheridan, Companion OGS

“In my role as a local vicar I’ve had the enormous privilege of engaging with three families over the past year who have been battling various stages of childhood cancer.

“These boys – aged 5, 3, and 2 – and their families have been a huge inspiration to me, and I have sought to discover more about the work others do in supporting them, and about their illnesses and the challenges they face.

“Sadly, the two year old boy lost his battle in March, and I officiated at his funeral in church. When this walking challenge appeared, added to the challenges we face during lockdown restrictions, I felt that a journey involving lots of steps summed up the journey that families take, and it is providing an opportunity to carry the children’s support a stage further forward.

“My journey will take three months, but these steps are a drop in the ocean compared to the many steps which those involved in caring for, and coping with cancer in children take.

“Please help me to make their journey a little more comfortable each day.”

CLIC SargentPlease do pray for Fr Steve in this endeavour, and for the vital work of CLIC Sargent, who are seeing increasing demands for their services during the Coronavirus Pandemic. You can follow his progress and donate at the following link:

St James, pray for Fr Steve and for children and young people battling cancer at this time.

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